Brook Hill International School passes Cambridge Inspection with flying colours

19. November

As some of you may heard, last year some parents were concerned about the schools’ credibility due to rumors that Chartwell School lost their license, and were afraid that we would be in trouble too.

Well, we are pleased to announce that, following an inspection by theCambridgeInspectorate this month, Brook Hill has met all standards without a single recommendation or action point given.

In fact, the inspection report states that,“Brook Hill International School is an extremelywell run Centre.”

Regulatory compliance inspections look at compliance and, report on a school’s compliance with those set by the Department of Education. Should any requirements not be met, the inspector specifies actions that need to be taken by the school in order to meet those requirements. Proud to say that everything is inextremelywellworking order and no further action is required.

From our perspective, the inspection could not have gone better. We are confident that the inspector gained a full sense of this happy school where young people flourish.

Even though they may not have any recommendations for us, we remain committed to making this School better every week, for the benefit of all in our care.

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