Brook Hill International School will award a secondary school scholarship for each academic year which will fully or partly cover the school fees. The scholarship will be awarded to students of public schools, age 12-17.

The criteria for consideration of applications and selection of the best candidates are:

Successful completion of previously grades (starting from 5th grade)

Prizewinning awards at national and international competitions

Score on a standardized English language test which candidates take at Brook Hill International School

The outcome of the interview (in English), which will be held by the school board.

In case that more candidates have the same number of points, the advantage in the ranking of the candidates will have those with a higher score on a standardized test of English language.

Based on the decision of the school board, on granting student scholarships for next academic year, the student or the parent or guardian of a student will sign the scholarship contract with Brook Hill International School, which specifies the rights and obligations regarding the use of the scholarship.

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